What our Westmoreland Foot and Ankle Patients are saying

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Here are a few comments we have had from previous patients via onsite questionnaire:

"I was referred to Dr. Todd Cindric after a friend had seen him to fix her bunion. He was very kind, took his time to explain my problem, and treated me with the utmost respect. I now send all of my friends and family here." ---Janet, I., PA

"I had foot surgery by Dr. Cherrie Cindric in the winter of 2009. Before then, I had horrendous bunions and was embarrased to even wear shoes in the summer that showed my feet. After the surgery, I deemed that summer the "summer of feet". Thanks, Dr. Cindric!"---Lori, G., PA

"I love both of these doctors. Kind, caring, compassionate."--Laura, N., PA

"Very pleasant office with pleasant staff. Dr. Cherrie is an athlete and runner so knows the importance to all of her aging athletes to stay active. I would recommend this office to anyone who had any foot issue." --Norman, Y., PA

"I have taken my parents to Dr. Cindric for years for foot care. He is patient and kind with my aging parents. And, the staff is accomodating and wonderful."--Liza, J., PA

"I walked into Dr. Cindric's office with my very anxious daughter who had an ingrown toenail. Other doctors had been very blunt with her and not understanding of her high level of anxiety. Dr. Cherrie was willing to take the extra time with her, and reschedule at a time when she was more comfortable. It made all the difference to have a provider that was so kind and good with children." --Jason, PA

"I am diabetic and I would not trust my feet to anyone else. I learned early from Dr. Todd that good foot care is essential, and preventative care a must." --Bob, PA

"I went to Dr.Cindric for a second option on heel pain which another provider was treating with cold laser and other methods. After talking to Dr. Cindric, I understand that those methods have not been proven to be effective. And, because they are not covered by insurance, they were costing me unneccessary money. Once Dr. Todd explained my problem and how medically to treat it, I felt confident in my care. It was obvious that the training that he had did not need to rely on unproven methods or gimmicks, just tried and true options that made sense. I knew leaving the office that what he was suggesting was going to make me better, and it did."---Kenneth, Pa

"After suffering with chronic ingrown toenails my whole life, getting them corrected seemed impossible. Who knew a simple office procedure could fix it! Thanks, Dr. Cindric, you made my day!" ---Helen, PA

"I suffered with plantar fasciitis for months. When I started to see Dr. Cherrie Cindric, and had a biomechanical evaluation and a pair of custom orthotics made, my pain went away almost immediately. She explained the reason I had it and why it would come back if not treated properly. I am now 100% pain free"--Debra, H., PA

"Doctors are knowledgeable, staff is friendly, office is clean. Exceeded my expectations in every way." --Steven, H., PA